Empowering Entrepreneurs with Seed Capital

Deliveringto Founders in the Sonoran Desert Region.

Deliveringinvestmentmentorshipnew networksto Founders in the Sonoran Desert Region.

We are committed to your growth, every step of the way

Through a thoughtful, constructive screening process we identify and invest in underrepresented growth-minded entrepreneurs building and scaling disruptive technologies.

Our founders seek hands-on mentorship from "Been There, Done That" business builders to navigate challenges through shared accountability. Thus ensuring that business potential is maximized and creating positive outcomes for everyone.

Our General Partners

Are founders, business builders, and investors who have "Been There, Done That" on multiple occasions. We have complementary areas of expertise and can provide on-going mentorship to investments.

Our Networks

Include institutional investors and experts who can be called on to invest and support your growth. We believe in leveraging the collective wisdom of the crowd.

Our Distinctive Focus

Is not to “fish in the same pond” as we have an emphasis on underrepresented entrepreneurial regions and groups in the Sonoran Desert region.

Our Process

Focuses on identifying high quality, resilient management teams who are seeking value-added capital. We are interested in attractively priced rounds with access to very large markets.

Founder Focused

By partnering with entrepreneurs as they navigate the challenges of growing and scaling their businesses to develop leadership capabilities, thereby ensuring success.

Core Values

Growth Mindset

We are jointly accountable to the founders we partner with in a relentless pursuit of long term success.


We bring our real selves to each relationship - what you see is what you get.

Good Stewardship

We operate with integrity and transparency and treat each invested dollar and company as if it were our own.


We believe the journey should be enjoyed and we take time to celebrate milestones and form meaningful relationships while working toward the goal.


We believe the best solutions happen when a collection of great minds with a diversity of experiences and perspectives work together.


We’re more than just a seed stage fund. We’re a network of Arizona’s hardest working technology founders, committed to one another’s success.

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

CEO, Co-founder
Managing Partner

Our Investment Criteria

The Sonoran Founders Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on Seed Stage startups. We are active in the American Southwest and we provide disruptive capital to high-growth technology businesses.

  • Geographic Focus

    Southwest US (Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, SoCal, Texas).

  • D&I

    Investing in founders from all backgrounds, genders, and walks of life across the Sonoran Desert Region.

  • Sector Focus

    SaaS, Marketplaces, AI, Fintech, Edtech, Healthcare IT.

  • Investment Size

    $500k to $1MM in Sonoran Desert Region Pre-Seed and Seed Rounds.

  • Company

    At, approaching, or post Product Market Fit.

  • Sonoran

    Ability for Sonoran to provide strong added value.


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